Technology Research & Development INNOVATIONS

K Sciences is an advanced research engineering firm with rapid and successful adaptations to various markets and technical arenas. The primary focus is to develop and monetize intellectual property. The secondary is to provide advanced custom technical solutions to our customer base.


About The Company

Our committed goal is to create, develop and provide sensors and unconventional measurement solutions for a wide range of technical and medical applications. We solve real-world problems in the simplest, most cost effective, and efficient way. Understand the customer's needs, understand the science, understand the engineering, find the solution: Simply Solutions

Advanced Engineering

K Sciences creates, develops, and builds devices no one else can. Our proven track record of advanced and cost effective technology demonstrates our expertise.

K Sciences solves complex engineering challenges in a simple and practical way.



IP Development

K Sciences' goal is to create and develop Intellectual Property (IP) for our clients. Everything is developed in-house with the primary objective of licensing IP, technology transfer, and creating cost effective advanced engineering solutions.


Technology R&D

Developing applied science and engineering solutions is core to our capabilities at K Sciences. Technology development is in our DNA.


    Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor

    Partnering with Socrates Health Solutions, K Sciences has developed a non-invasive glucose monitor.




    Bioreactor Innovation

    Biotechnical solution to create rapid and efficient plant cells at large-scale production.




    Agriculture Waste Recycling

    Repurposing food-grade agricultural waste designed for consumer use at significantly reduced costs.




    Star Tracker

    Improved guidance and navigation. Designed to support the Military & DoD and Commercial Use.


    Fire Sensor

    Low-cost, single use, configurable high-tempurature heat sensing detector designed for firefighter safety.





    Wear Sensor

    Direct sensing of wear and erosion. Direct applications include aerospace, railroad, commercial trucking, and industrial.




    Non-Invasive Blood Velocity

    Measures distributed blood velocity. Direct applications include clinical care, critical care, post operation monitoring, and more.




    Smart Bag

    Force-sensing, retrofittable, and low-cost system for fitness and exercise.